Custom Mobs on the map (mob radar)

  • Be sure your EntityCreatures implement at least one of these Minecraft core interfaces: IAnimal, IMob, INpc, or IWaterMob.
  • If you want to provide your own mob icons, see Custom Mob Icon Sets.
  • EntityCreatures with a hostile target will be shown as hostile.
  • EntityCreatures set invisible (sneaking) will be hidden on the radar.

Create waypoint suggestions in chat

Players can add waypoints by clicking on specially-formatted text in chat. (Handy for giving quests, welcome messages, etc.)

For example: NPC says: "Here's where I buried my loot:" [name:"treasure", x:1212, y:70, z:456, dim:0]

The chat text itself is not changed, but is turned into a link for players with JourneyMap. Hover text shows it can be clicked to create a waypoint, or shift-clicked to show on the full screen map.

(Note: name and dim are optional. If dim is omitted, the dimension of the player is assumed.)

Display custom shapes, text, or waypoints on the map

There is a JourneyMap API (for Minecraft 1.9.4 and later versions) which gives you the ability to manage custom waypoints and add overlays on the minimap, fullscreen map, or webmap:

When in doubt, talk to us!

Get in touch with the JourneyMap @dev team on the public JourneyMap Discord server.