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Version 5.3 - 5.5
The information in this page only applies to
JourneyMap 5.3 - 5.5

Note: If you are using an older version of JourneyMap, please consult the JourneyMap Server 5.0-5.2 page. If you are using JourneyMap 5.6 or newer, see the JourneyMapServer page

What's Changed in JourneyMap Server 5.3 - 5.5

  • There are now server configs per dimension. These can override the global config for each dimension as desired, and are located in minecraft/journeymap/server/{version}
  • Several new permissions have been added to allow the Server admin to fine-tune permitted functionality of JourneyMap Clients. For example, you could use these to disable cave mapping in the Overworld but not the Nether, or disable Mob radar in the End, or disable Player radar in your PVP dimensions.
    • opCaveMappingEnabled, opRadarEnabled, caveMappingEnabled, playerRadarEnabled, villagerRadarEnabled, animalRadarEnabled, mobRadarEnabled
  • When JourneyMapServer is installed on a server, JourneyMap clients are now required to use the same or higher version. This is done to enforce the new permission settings.
  • A new Waypoint Teleport feature has been added (TeleportEnabled). It is disabled by default in the global config. This feature allow players to teleport to waypoints (even across dimensions) without the need for other mods or giving users op or admin. When enabled, the feature is automatically integrated into the client Waypoint Manager for waypoint teleporting.


JourneyMap Server is an optional server-side utility for both Forge and Bukkit servers. As of JourneyMap 5.1.1, the server-side mod comes in the same jar as the JourneyMap client with Forge, Bukkit/Spigot users need to use the JourneyMapServer plugin.

You don't have to have JourneyMap Server installed to use the JourneyMap Client. It simply provides a way for server admins to restrict some features, and/or support Bukkit Multiworld and BungeeCord installations. Some features may not be available in both Forge and Bukkit server environments, however, so please read the information on this page and the changelogs for each release to get specific information on features for your server.


Server control of Radar and Cave Mapping

  • Use server configs to selectively disable radar and/or disable cave mapping (which includes Nether/End mapping) for users.
  • Exceptions can be made to allow these features for just Ops or for lists of individual users (staff, donators, etc.)
  • Works with JourneyMap client 4.0.5, 5.0.0+ and the VoxelMap client
  • Current functionality uses the color control codes used by VoxelMap, so players who have VoxelMap instead of JourneyMap will be similarly restricted. Conversely, if your server is already sending VoxelMap codes through an MOTD or other mechanism, it may conflict with the options provided by the JourneyMap Server mod.
  • Note: This feature currently only works in a Forge server environment. This appears to be an issue with the way color codes are sent from a Bukkit server. This will be fixed with a later release when the color codes are no longer used.

Multi-world Support for Maps and Waypoints

  • Important note: If your server doesn't use multiple worlds, you do not need this feature! Set UseWorldID=false in the config file.
  • For servers with multiple world folders (not just multiple dimensions) -- usually Bukkit not Forge -- this mod will automatically send a unique World ID to users with the JourneyMap client whenever the client loads a world. This is necessary for servers which use multiple worlds, because it solves this problem. The JourneyMap client uses the World Id to organize map images and waypoints when traversing between worlds.
  • Console commands are provided for server admins to manage the World ID without needing to restart the server.

What it is Not

  • This is not a server-side mapping mod. No maps are created, made, hosted, shared, or even contemplated on the server.
  • This is not a a way to administer anything other than JourneyMap client features.
  • This is neither a hot tub nor a time machine.

Modpack Usage

The JourneyMap Client mod is governed by a Modpack_FAQ different modpack policy than the server.

The following applies to the server mod only:

You may include JourneyMapServer in the server-side configuration of a modpack, provided you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Your launcher should link directly to a download here on the Curse CDN if it is capable of doing so (ATLauncher, MCUpdater, etc.). If the launcher cannot link to the file directly, the JourneyMap Server jar file may be rehosted/bundled only for the purposes of your modpack, but not distributed in any other way.
  2. You must provide a link to this page for server admins who use your modpack. Documentation is a good thing.

Credits and Complaints

JourneyMapServer was created by Mysticdrew on behalf of an overworked Techbrew. All credit goes to Mysticdrew. Complaints should be composed using letters cut out from magazines and newspapers, then sent via snail mail to your local government official inside an envelope containing baking flour. Be sure to include a return address and recent photo.


  1. Put the JourneyMap .jar in your server mods folder: (server folder)/mods/ .
  2. The first time you start the server after installing 1.0RC4 or later, a new config file will be generated in (server folder)/configs/JourneyMapServer/(world).cfg. If you had previously used 1.0RC3 or earlier, you will need to update this new config file with the settings from your old config file. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. If you do not want to use the randomly-generated worldid, run the command: “/jmserver worldid set <name>” in the console or within the game as an admin.
  4. Clients that are connected will be automatically updated to the new worldid. This results in the creation of a new folder by the client to store waypoints and map images: minecraft'/journeymap/data/mp/(server_worldid). New in client 5.0.0RC4: If this is the first time a World ID is assigned, the client will automatically migrate existing waypoints and map images to the new folder.

Server Reset

  • If you are resetting / wiping a server world map, it is not recommended to keep a previous World ID for the new world, because users will still have waypoints and map images from their old world map.
  • To reset the World ID, simply delete it from the config and a new one will be generated when the server starts up.
  • Note: Changing the World ID will result in the creation of a new folder on each JourneyMap 5.x client: minecraft'/journeymap/data/mp/(server_newworldid). If the client has already received a different World ID, the user's waypoints and map images will remain in the old folder: minecraft'/journeymap/data/mp/(server_oldworldid).

Console/Chat Commands

/jmserver <command>
  • help - displays a list of sub commands.
  • worldid - displays the current world id to the user. (If the config option UseWorldID=true)
    • set <name> - sets the world id to a user specified string and sends it to all connected clients.
    • setrandom - sets the world id to a random UUID string and sends to all connected clients
    • resync - debug command, sends the current world id to all connected clients. A need to use this is unusual.
    • help - displays the usage for /jmserver worldid

Config File Options

The config file is located here: (server folder)/configs/JourneyMapServer/(world).cfg . The following options in the config file can be modified to suit your needs. Changes require a server restart.


  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: true
  • Important note: If your server doesn't use multiple world folders, you do not need this feature! Set to false.
  • When set to false:<br
    • The server will not send the worldid to the client.
    • All /jmserver worldid subcommands will be disabled.


  • Valid options: any valid string, no spaces!
  • This is the ID that is sent to JourneyMap for unique map instances.
  • This value is ignored if UseWorldID is set to false


  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: true
  • When set to false, users with the JourneyMap client will not have access to cave mapping features, including Nether and End maps.


  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: true
  • When set to true, Op users with the JourneyMap client will be allowed to use cave mapping features even if PlayerCaveMapping is disabled


  • A comma-separated list of usernames that will be allowed to use cave mapping features in the JourneyMap client even if PlayerCaveMapping is disabled
  • For example: WhitelistCaveMapping=techbrew,mysticdrew


  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: true
  • When set to false, users with the JourneyMap client will not have access to radar features.


  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: true
  • When set to true, Op users with the JourneyMap client will be allowed to use radar features even if PlayerRadar is disabled for normal users.


  • Valid for Forge only. Bukkit servers must keep this value false!
  • Valid options: true, false. Default value: false
  • When set to true, the world ID will be saved to a separate file and placed in the world folder, rather than in the config file.
  • MCEdu servers must set this to true! This ensures the world id stays with the world data when it is moved by the launcher.


  • A comma-separated list of usernames that will be allowed to use radar features in the JourneyMap client even if PlayerRadar is disabled
  • For example: WhitelistRadar=techbrew,mysticdrew