JourneyMap 5.0 provides the ability to create your own mob icons sets if you don't like the default 2D and 3D sets.

  1. Look in .minecraft/journeymap/icon/entity/2D for an example of an icon set.
  2. Copy that folder and give it a new name, placing it here: .minecraft/journeymap/icon/entity/
  3. Replace the copied icons with PNG icons of your own. It is highly recommended that you keep the image sizes the same.
  4. Restart Minecraft and go into the Options Manager. You will now be able to select your new mob icon set.

Missing Mob Icons

Whever JourneyMap encounters a non-vanilla mob, it creates a placeholder icon (the Mojang logo in 4.x, a blank image in 5.x) that you can replace with your own icon. Look for them here .minecraft/journeymap/icon/entity/(set name)/ ...

Browse in that folder tree until you find the Mojang logo, and then replace the file with your own mob icon. It must be a PNG file and should have the same dimensions as the one you are replacing.

Icon Set Gallery

Do you have an icon set you would like to share? [Open a ticket] and request a link on this page.