How to distribute JourneyMap using Technic

If you are creating a zip file of all mods and hosting it with Technic (the normal way), you are not permitted to distribute JourneyMap via the Technic launcher. See Modpack_FAQ for complete details.

This policy will change (hopefully soon) when Technic provides a way for mods to be downloaded directly from mod authors' URLs. You are encouraged to lobby the Technic team to implement this feature:

How to distribute JourneyMap using Technic and

If you are using with Technic to let each user download JourneyMap directly from the Curse CDN , you may include JourneyMap in your modpack. (See this tutorial on how to do it.)

For each released JourneyMap .jar file, a corresponding .zip archive will be uploaded to the Curse CDN under "Additional files."

Each zip file provided for this approach has the following structure: