Version 5.5.5+
The information in this page only applies to
JourneyMap 5.5.5+

Note: If you are using an older version of JourneyMap, please consult the JourneyMap Server 5.0-5.2 or JourneyMapServer_5.3-5.5 or JourneyMapServer_5.6_Beta pages

What's Changed in JourneyMap Server 5.5.5+

There are no longer configs to edit to control client options. They can be done via the Server Admin button at the bottom of on the Options Screen. Many of these options also work in singleplayer.

By Default all OPs have access to the Server Admin screen and its features. This can be changed through the config, see below.

Each button in that screen describes what they do via tooltip. Hover mouse over each button, label, or checkbox.

Config File Options

The config file is located here: (server folder)/configs/journeymap_server.cfg. For Minecraft 1.16+ it is located in the (server folder)/world/serverconfig/journeymap_server.cfg.

OpAccess = true -- Means all Ops have access to the admin panel, set to false and only users in the serverAdmins field will have access.

ServerAdmins defaults are examples, please remove the defaults. Add user names or the user's UUID to that list. Each name or UUID on a new line. Restart the server and those users will have access to the server admin panel.